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  • New paint will make my commercial building much more attractive
  • I'm afraid of what the neighbors are saying
  • We're in the planning stage right now
  • Can you provide us with color schemes?

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Neglecting Paint Leaves Surfaces Vulnerable

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What You Will Benefit From

1. Excellent Customer Service

2. Background Checks & Drug Screenings On All Employees

3. Fully Licensed And Insured

4. Premium Quality Paint Products

5. Un-Matched 5 YEAR WARRANTY on Paint & Labor

6. Owner-Operated Local Contractor

Some Of Our Recent Work

We Publish Our Work Online

Would you like to see some of the work that we've done throughout Salt Lake County?

We're very proud of the painting projects that we complete. Each and every time, our best work is reflected on your walls and painted surfaces.

Have a look through some of our previous work that we've published here on our website. You will see work and projects that are similar to the painting project that you're planning in the Salt Lake City area right now.

Our published work will show you a lot of things:

  1. Beautifully Painted Finished Product
  2. Premium Quality Paint
  3. Clean & Precise Painted Lines

What you won't see in the published work are the smiles that our customers have on their faces as they see their homes and properties transform into what they had dreamed of.

The smiles will be portrayed through their online reviews of our work, so be sure to check out both.

Our Three Most Recent Jobs

Garage Painting Salt Lake City, UT

Brief Explanation:

We recently helped out with a garage painting project which also involved painting several gable areas of this customer’s house.

It’s fascinating at times to think about how even the simplest portions of homes and beyond tend to have specific name or term to help describe them.

Interior Retail Painting Salt Lake City, UT

Brief Explanation:

We recently helped out a local retail customer by painting the interior of their store which is local to the Salt Lake City area.

We’re able to help paint all kinds and types of retail and store environments, and we excel at working around your ideal scheduling hours as well.

Wall Painters Centerville, UT

Brief Explanation:

We completed Phase 2 of a customer’s renovation which involved us painting their interior kitchen wall.

It was a truly amazing sight to see their spotless white kitchen cabinets match so well with their surrounding wall which was now the same color as well.

Want To See Something More Specific?

Just Reach Out And Request It, We Can Provide Specific Examples Upon Request

Our Customers Say It Best

See What People Have Been Saying About Our Work Lately

Judith D.

Salt Lake City, UT

Date: May 7, 2018
Hi I'm Judith. I had hired Renee from Enterprise Painting to come and paint several rooms in my house and do some repair work. I am so pleased with the work! I loved it, it was great. There were really nice clean lines between the wall and the ceiling which always makes me happy. I thought it was fantastic. There was some repair work that needed to be done and that was great. And even some issues with matching paint and they figured that out without any problems. So I was very pleased with their work and I would hire them again.

Lisa D.

Sandy, UT

Date: Apr 7, 2018
Hi I'm Lisa and I live in Sandy, Utah. I hired Enterprise Painters to paint a bathroom and a bedroom. They did a wonderful job! Really professional, on time, really kind of focused with me on color and cleaned up well and it was a great experience working with them. And I would recommend hiring them for your painting job.

Melanie M.

Salt Lake City, UT

Date: Apr 6, 2018
My name is Melanie and I represent Legacy Preparatory Academy. We hired Enterprise Painters to come and give a new wing of our school a much needed facelift. They were fabulous to work with! I really appreciated the personal touch that Renee and Brock brought to their proposal, to the walkthrough, and to all of our communication throughout the process. They were great to work with and I was able to get ahold of them without any problems. Another huge, huge bonus for them was they were able to work within our time frame. We had a limited time frame where we were able to get the school clearance to work on this project and they were able to make it work with our schedule. And they not only worked with us that way, but were also able very competitive budget wise. And so we just loved working with them and I would highly, highly recommend them for any future project.

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To those questions, we proudly answer Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes!.

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Enterprise Painters LLC

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You'll be glad you called. You'll find our pricing to be very competitive. Our service is top-notch. Our warranty is UNPARALLELED!

And if you wish to personally thank your painters for doing such exceptional work, we are more than happy to accept gratuities if offered.


1. Why do you emphasize quality so much?


First of all, we work quickly and we have good prices, but that only, pardon the expression, paints half the picture.

At the end of the day, a poor-quality job will not last as long, is terrible to touch up paint and will not give you the experience we are trying to share with you.

Furthermore, our quality doesn't just stop only when it comes to paints.

All of our employees need to pass the appropriate Background Checks and Drug Screenings in order to work for us, because we never settle for anything less than the very best.

2. Is there anything you don't paint?


There are a very few things that do with color that we do not touch, mainly because we cannot guarantee the results. Metal roofs are one of those things.

We'll paint siding, soffits, fascia, and other parts of your exterior home, but we won't paint roofing.

We do know some folks, though, so call us and we can discuss your individual needs.

3. Do you offer design consultation?



Although we are not interior designers, we understand color theory and can help you choose fantastic colors, from neutrals to bold, beautiful color combos.

Call us to get a free consultation at your estimate.

4. What other services do you offer?


Here are some of the things we do. Click the links to read more about those things.
We are House Painters. We also do Commercial Painting for local businesses and large retailers, too.

We paint both the Exterior and the Interior of homes and offices. Speaking of interiors, we also offer a couple of prep work services like Popcorn Ceiling Removal. We also do small drywall repairs like Patching Drywall in preparation for paint.

On the outside, we offer Pressure Washing for the home. It gets rid of hard, rusty water stains as well as diminishes oil stains, clean off algae and more. We will paint Garage Floor Epoxy to protect against oil and dirt stains from happening (if your floor is already oily, let's see what we can do.)

Finally, we offer Concrete Staining to bring new life to drives and floors as well as Deck Staining and refinishing. And our forté is Cabinet Painting.

5. Why paint cabinets? Won't the paint rub off?


The short answer is no, the paint won't rub off—if you use the right kind.

We use a specially formulated water-based enamel that dries fast and hard to your cabinets. inexperienced painters typically do not as they are trying to keep the cost as low as possible.

Instead of spending $20,000 (or more!) to replace your cabinets, a beautiful new paint job can last more than 20 years and cost a fraction of the cost.

Call us to find out how small that fraction is.

6. How do I choose the right painter?


To make sure you hire the right painting company for your project, ask the painter that comes to your home several questions such as:

"How long have you been painting?"

"How many interiors (or exteriors, cabinets, etc.) have you painted?"

"Do you have experience in repairs?"

"Do you have references?"

And so forth.

You need to get an amazing look. So, ensure your painter is up to the challenge with good questions.