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Recent Jobs

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Before Photos

After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: Salt Lake City, UT
When: Nov 8, 2018
Service Category: Commercial
Services Performed: Commercial Store Concrete Wall Painting
Brief Explanation

What Was Convenient About This Project's 2nd Phase?

This was Phase 2 of a commercial painting job that we did for a local Wal-Mart.

During this portion of our word, we ended up the rest of the store's front exterior and then proceeded to get to work on painting the back end portion of the building.

This portion of the painting project took a bit more work than the one prior, yet was a bit more straightforward as well since we didn't have to worry about painting around active customers as we did in Phase 1 of this project.

Were There Any Obstacles Involved With Phase 2 of This Project At All?

Why yes, indeed there were.

Even for experienced professional painters such as us, there's always a handful of obstacles that present themselves whenever tackling a project as massive as this.

One of the hardest parts of this job was just in the sheer amounts of paint cans that we ended up using.

Painting's fairly rhythmic once you get into the flow of it, but constantly transporting, opening, pouring, closing, and then throwing away can after can of pain can get truly monotonous after about the first 6 or so hours.

Another common problem that's often overlooked is the attention to detail that's still present even in such large canvases as this, particularly in layer consistency.

Too much paint clustered together will likely sag over time and become susceptible to mold and dirt buildup.

Yet, too little can result in polka dotted splotches that simply look horrendous once properly dried.

As a whole, the more painting projects that we've worked on over the years, the more we've become accustomed to working around any potential roadblocks that may appear before us.

No matter how daunting or large your commercial painting project may appear, and can trust us since we're THE best Concrete Wall Painting Service in Salt Lake City, UT.

Before Photos


After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: Salt Lake City, UT
When: Nov 5, 2018
Service Category: Commercial
Services Performed: Retail Grocery Store Exterior Painting & Concrete Filling
Brief Explanation

How Large Was This Project?

We recently helped repaint a local Wal-Mart's store exterior which was local to the greater Salt Lake City area.

This particular painting project was so large and involved so much time and attention that we couldn't fit all of our work into one single job post.

As a result, a few more recent postings in the future will center around this single particular project in order to properly display and portray exactly how extensive our work was cut out for us in this case.

What Was The Main Reason For This Exterior Repainting?

In case you haven't noticed in some of the before pictures, this exterior of our customer's store was a new pure-white, which, surprisingly enough, is a horrendous color for most building exteriors.

The main reason for this painting was to help dampen this store exterior's blinding reflective white light.

Especially when taking into account SLC's often sunny, bright and cloudless days, it's clear to see why this store had been long overdue for a color palette update.

Even while we were taking this picture, so much sunlight was directly bouncing and reflecting off of the building that the exposure level in some of our before photos look completely washed out due to such hight white light exposure levels.

Walking up to the store in such sunlight, especially during high noon, was like staring directly into an expansive wall of blinding white LED light.

Thankfully, for the most part, the front face of this store was in fairly good condition besides this unfortunate choice in color grading.

We went right to work in transforming this building's obnoxiously bright exterior into a much more manageable and professional one.

We ended up painting most of the walls a much more manageable cream color and the entrance overhangs and pillars a very handsome and sophisticated looking charcoal hue.

No matter how large or standard your painting needs may be, be sure to give us a call today for the best service around when it comes to Store Exterior Painting in Salt Lake City, UT.

Before Photos


After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: Salt Lake City, UT
When: Oct 25, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Home Gable Painting
Brief Explanation

Which Areas Did We Paint For This Customer?

We recently helped out with a garage painting project which also involved painting several gable areas of this customer's house.

This may sound like a confusing term at first, but nearly every house in American has this area somewhere on it.

What Exactly Is The Gable Area Of A Home?

Gable is often triangular in shape and is the portion of a wall which helps to connect and enclose the edges of intersecting roof edges.

An example of this can be seen in the picture to the immediate right >>>>>>>>>>>>.

The area within the red oval is the gable for this specific customer's house.

It's quite fascinating at times to think about even the simplest portions of our homes and beyond all tend to have a specific name or term to describe them.

As a whole, this painting project was fairly straightforward and produced stupendous results which our customers regularly find to be absolutely outstanding.

That's likely because we're one of the best local companies around when it comes to gable and Garage Painting Services in Salt Lake City, UT.

Before Photos


After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: Salt Lake City, UT
When: Sep 10, 2018
Service Category: Commercial
Services Performed: Interior Retail And Store Painting
Brief Explanation

Where Did This Project Take Place?

We recently repainted a Steve Madden Shoe Store in Salt Lake City.

Thankfully, the reason for us coming out to paint the place wasn't because there were any blatant issues with the previous paint job or any peeling occurring.

The owner of the store, Ms. Evans, simply thought that her establishment was overdue for an updated look, and we couldn't have agreed more.

We ended up transforming the store's look from a tamed, beige brown into a slick jet-black that really helps to make the rustic brick backdrop and hardwood flooring pop.

This color choice even helps to furth accentuates these designer, dark-toned shoes since most display models mostly tend to come in black, brown, or a soft carmelized leather look to them.

We're the best choice when it comes to premier Interior Retail Painting Salt Lake City, UT.

Before Photos


After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: Centerville, UT
When: Jul 26, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Interior Home Kitchen Wall Painting
Brief Explanation

Have We Previously Worked With These Same Customers Before?

This was actually a Part 2 job that we did for a customer.

Prior to this, we helped to transform their interior kitchen cabinets by painting them all white, which came out wonderfully.

Sticking to the overall theme of this truly transformational renovation and update to the customer's kitchen, they also decided to have us touch up some of their kitchen's corner walls.

Once we were finished, we were completely blown away by how great the overall continuity looked between both their updated cabinets and walls.

Few kitchens often have the pleasure of this purposeful design, and it's no small claim to say that these fairly straightforward transformations will surely add value to their property value as a whole.

Call Enterprise Painters Today! We're THE Highest Quality Wall Painters in the Centerville, UT area.

Before Photos


After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: Centerville, UT
When: Jun 25, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Interior Kitchen Painting And Renovation
Brief Explanation

What Trials Come With Conducting Quality Renovation Painting?

Renovations can be a very trying time in the life of any fixer-upper job or project.

Then can often make or break the look of not just a room or living area, but the entire aesthetic of a house as well.

Add into the mix how many, if not nearly all, of such floorplans and changes can look good on paper but can result in entirely different matters and it can be easy to be discouraged at times.

As work continues to progress on though, a fine line eventually forms where between complete and utter chaos or stable, structured experience.

Interior kitchen painting is by far no exception to this teetering structure of home improvement.

Some painters focus more on speed rather than quality, while other may spend next to an entire day on painting only a handful of cabinets.

We pride ourselves on being the perfect middle for all your home improvement and renovation painting needs.

We never rush a project or make ourselves frenzied over the small stuff.

At the same time though, we still paint in an efficient and effective manner that doesn't require us working hour after hour on seemingly simple tasks.

Before Photos


After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: Bountiful, Utah
When: Jun 20, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Home Bathroom Wall Painting
Brief Explanation

Are We Good At Painting Tiny Bathrooms?

We're no stranger to bathroom painting, and this quick little project of bringing a smooth midnight blue to this customer's bathroom was a fairly simple undertaking which produced tremendous results.

This was a small hallway bathroom which was right within the front foyer area of the customer's home.

This space may seem pretty small and cramped to paint in, but trust us, we've worked in much tighter situations before.

We were very careful to remove everything which didn't need painting, such as a few hand towels, some sink accessories, and of course a large round mirror which was hanging above the sink.

Once these items were out, we went right to work changing the bathroom's bland, beige wall color to a strong, deep blue.

Before Photos


After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: Sandy City, UT
When: Apr 26, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Commercial Cinder Block Store Wall Painting
Brief Explanation

Have We Previously Painted At This Location?

This project was actually Phase Two of our previous Costco excursion over in the Sandy City, Utah area.

In addition to repainting their interior auto department, they also had us work on the main front entrance cinder block walls as well.

These walls weren't nearly as susceptible to experiencing as much dust, grease, and/or spills when compared to the more blue-collared tempered walls in the auto center.

Still, they still looked like they were more than overdue for a well deserving upgrade and refinishing.

We took our time on this particular project to ensure that we didn't interfere with the regular operations of the main store entrance.

Additionally, this allowed us to maintain our commitment to quality painting that's done without being an excessive bother to either customers or store workers.

Before Photos


After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: Salt Lake City, UT
When: Apr 6, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Bedroom & Ceiling Beam Painting
Brief Explanation

Have We Worked With This Customer Before?

We assisted a customer, Donna R., about a month ago with painting a bedroom upstairs along with a few ceiling beams as well.

We actually helped her out with painting her kitchen cabinet to which we've previously made a separate job post for with some truly stunning Before and After pictures.

Bedroom painting is by far one of if not THE most common project in which professional painters, such as ourselves, are hired to accomplish.

Ceiling beams, however, tend to be a little more out there. Thankfully, we're always prepared to reach any and every place possible with a paintbrush if a customer wills us to do so, and this was no exception.

Overall, this project was very time consuming, but the end results were well worth it. Not to mention that Donna R. give us a sizzling 5-Star review for this project along with a video testimonial of just how great we actually did.

Why Were We So Careful Around The Fan?

It's no surprise how we're always extremely cautious and considerate with every project that we have the pleasure of taking on.v

Plastic wrapping and taping can definitely be a time tedious task at times, but to neglect this absolute process will surely lead to disastrous outcomes.

The number one commandment of painting is not too far away from the popular concept of Murphy's law, "anything that can go wrong will go wrong."

When painting, it's more along the lines of, "anything that can be splattered with paint, will get splattered with paint."

We were especially careful to avoid getting any excess paint near, around, or on the fan which resided in the center of this room.

Just one wrong flick of a switch with even but a couple dabs of fresh paint here and there on the fan and ta-da!

Congratulations, a pristine bedroom has suddenly been turned into an experimental project in splatter-painting with a fan.

While this is fun to imagine, it would be a living nightmare to experience in reality. Thus, why the fan, in one of our Before pictures, looks like it's lived in plastic wrap its entire life.

Before Photos


After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: Centerville, Utah
When: May 10, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Residential Interior Door Painting
Brief Explanation

What Did We Help Out With?

A customer over in the city of Centerville, UT had us come out and help paint a few of their doors along with some other surfaces around the house.

Easily one of the most dramatic transformations was in how their plain, oak-colored front door turned into a sleeks, modern work of art once it wore a cool, steel blue shade of paint.

Once all of our work was complete, our customer was exceptionally pleased with our work and mentioned that we were some of the best painters that they'd ever had the pleasure of working with.

Door(s) Overdue For Some New Color?

To start off, if you’re even asking yourself this question in the first place, then the answer is probably going to be, "Yes."

This doesn't have to be a negative experience.

People’s styles and preferences can change so subtly over time that one day you may just wake up and realize, "Wow. This door's color doesn't really work with the rest of the room anymore."

Or maybe all that's scratching away at you is just the color of your front door, the literal gateway to your home.

Whatever the case, just know that you don't need to worry.

Change can sometimes be hard, but thankfully, We're Here To Help.

Recent Reviews

Judith D.

Salt Lake City, UT

Date: May 7, 2018
Hi I'm Judith. I had hired Renee from Enterprise Painting to come and paint several rooms in my house and do some repair work. I am so pleased with the work! I loved it, it was great. There were really nice clean lines between the wall and the ceiling which always makes me happy. I thought it was fantastic. There was some repair work that needed to be done and that was great. And even some issues with matching paint and they figured that out without any problems. So I was very pleased with their work and I would hire them again.

"Helped Fix My Matching Paint Issues"

Lisa D.

Sandy, UT

Date: Apr 7, 2018
Hi I'm Lisa and I live in Sandy, Utah. I hired Enterprise Painters to paint a bathroom and a bedroom. They did a wonderful job! Really professional, on time, really kind of focused with me on color and cleaned up well and it was a great experience working with them. And I would recommend hiring them for your painting job.

"They Did A Great Job Painting My Bedroom & Bathroom."

Melanie M.

Salt Lake City, UT

Date: Apr 6, 2018
My name is Melanie and I represent Legacy Preparatory Academy. We hired Enterprise Painters to come and give a new wing of our school a much needed facelift. They were fabulous to work with! I really appreciated the personal touch that Renee and Brock brought to their proposal, to the walkthrough, and to all of our communication throughout the process. They were great to work with and I was able to get ahold of them without any problems. Another huge, huge bonus for them was they were able to work within our time frame. We had a limited time frame where we were able to get the school clearance to work on this project and they were able to make it work with our schedule. And they not only worked with us that way, but were also able very competitive budget wise. And so we just loved working with them and I would highly, highly recommend them for any future project.

"They Were Able To Work Within Our School Clearance Time Frame."

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