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Call Us: (801) 448-0089

Quickest & Easiest way to reach us is with a convenient phone call. We'll answer your call and help plan to complete your painting project.

We answer the phone every time. If by chance you get our voicemail... Just leave a quick voicemail. We respond very quickly to each and every voicemail.

Text Us: (801) 448-0089

If a phone call isn't convenient for you right now, NO PROBLEM! Just send us a quick text.

With a quick text, we'll get your info and schedule a convenient time to meet for your free consult.

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Emailing us works too. Send us a concise email right here through the form on this page. We'll get the email almost immediately. You'll be surprised at how quickly we respond to email requests.

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Has it ever been this easy to reach a painting contractor? We'll even accept your handwritten letters.

From time to time people will send us mail through USPS. Wether it is them thanking us for how often their friends and family compliment their new paint job, or sending us referrals to paint for their friends... We get and read all of the mail. We respond too. Sometimes it just takes a little longer through USPS than it does through email.

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