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Location of Job: Centerville, UT
When: Jun 25, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Interior Kitchen Painting And Renovation
call or text Call: (801) 448-0089
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Brief Explanation

What Trials Come With Conducting Quality Renovation Painting?

Renovations can be a very trying time in the life of any fixer-upper job or project.

Then can often make or break the look of not just a room or living area, but the entire aesthetic of a house as well.

Add into the mix how many, if not nearly all, of such floorplans and changes can look good on paper but can result in entirely different matters and it can be easy to be discouraged at times.

As work continues to progress on though, a fine line eventually forms where between complete and utter chaos or stable, structured experience.

Interior kitchen painting is by far no exception to this teetering structure of home improvement.

Some painters focus more on speed rather than quality, while other may spend next to an entire day on painting only a handful of cabinets.

We pride ourselves on being the perfect middle for all your home improvement and renovation painting needs.

We never rush a project or make ourselves frenzied over the small stuff.

At the same time though, we still paint in an efficient and effective manner that doesn't require us working hour after hour on seemingly simple tasks.

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~ Dan Ostler - North Salt Lake City, UT

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1. Is It Time To Change Your Kitchen's Color?


Changing the color of your interior kitchen and cabinets can be a leap of faith in many ways.

Some people just naturally love change and dynamic new environments.

But at the same time, others will always despise having their visual boat rocked or transitioned away from the norm.

One thing's for certain though: Finding The Right Painter Is Absolutely Critical if you truly wish for your new colors to pop and shine their brightest.

But if you end up settling for mediocre painters...

Well, let's just say you would have probably been better off hiring an abstract painter or two.

Change is sometimes scary and can be a hard thing to weight at times, but with our Free Interior Painting Consultation service, you'll never have to guesstimate as to what a professional, such as us, would do in your situation.

Simply give us a call and we'll be sure to point you in the right direction.

Whether you're ready to change your kitchen color today or ten years from now, we'll be there to help guide you through what will work best for you.

3. But Are Our Painting Prices Reasonable?


Absolutely They Are!

We price match the exact same products and services to ensure that you receive the best paint job possible.

And while we can't give exact estimates over the phone, we'd be more than happy to give you one once we've had a proper look around your kitchen and how long the process may take for us to complete.

4. How Are We The Best Painters Around?


We've been painting interior kitchens since 1990. That tallies up to nearly 4 Decades of Experience in our field!

With that in mind, when it comes to figuring out how to paint those tricky or hard-to-reach places, chances are we've already painted several others just like it before.

Additionally, we pride ourselves on punctuality, quality and the satisfaction of all of our customers. Guaranteed.

Also, here at Enterprise Painters, our word is our bond.

When we're hired on for a job, we do it right. The First Time.

And if for any reason our paint or materials don't hold up for the next 5+ Years, we'll come out and make it right.

And that goes for all of our work. Interior, Exterior, Homes, Commercial, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Ceilings, etc.

You name it, our 5 Year Guarantee covers it!

5. Why Do We Sand Cabinets Before Painting Them?


Don't worry, we don't power-sand cabinets or purposely try to take away all hints of their previous colors. Rather, including a little light pre-sanding is a key process that few often think of when getting their cabinets painted.

What this sanding phase does is it helps to remove all of the excessive, grimy grease and oil that builds up on your cabinets after a long period of time.

By sanding your cabinets before painting them, this gives the wood a more textured surface which better allows for optimal adherence for both the paint and primer to stick to and stay on the surface of the wood.

So don't freak out if you see us whip out a palm sander and starts going to town on your kitchen drawers. Just trust that they're going to look much better as a result, and they will for sure.

6. Just How Many Shades Of "White" Paint Are Out There?


Easily over 1,000+, which often takes most people by surprise.

To help make these options a little more tangible to you, here are some of our favorite go-to shades of White for painting kitchen cabinets.

1 - Alabaster
2 - Super
3 - Big Chill
4 - Extra
5 - Pure
6 - White Diamond
7 - All White
8 - Swiss Coffee
9 - Whisper
10 - Silky

Just know that there are many more options still out there and that your perfect shade does indeed actually exist.