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Recent Jobs

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Job Details

Location of Job:
When: Nov 8, 2018
Service Category: Commercial
Services Performed: Commercial Store Concrete Wall Painting
Brief Explanation

What Was Convenient About This Project's 2nd Phase?

This was Phase 2 of a commercial painting job.

During this portion of the work,  then proceeded to get to work on painting the back end portion of the building.

Are There Any Obstacles Involved With Commercial Painting?

Why yes, indeed there are.

Even for experienced professional painters, there's always a handful of obstacles that present themselves whenever tackling a c0mmercial project.

One of the hardest parts of a job can be just the sheer amounts of paint cans that can be ended up using.

Painting's fairly rhythmic once you get into the flow of it, but constantly transporting, opening, pouring, closing, and then throwing away can after can of pain can get truly monotonous after about the first 6 or so hours.

Another common problem that's often overlooked is the attention to detail that's still present even in such large canvases as this, particularly in layer consistency.

Too much paint clustered together will likely sag over time and become susceptible to mold and dirt buildup.

Yet, too little can result in polka dotted splotches that simply look horrendous once properly dried.

As a whole, the more painting projects that a company works on over years, the more they become accustomed to working around any potential roadblocks that may appear before us.

No matter how daunting or large your commercial painting project may appear, and can trust Nearby Painters for the best Concrete Wall Painting Service in Salt Lake City, UT.

Job Details

Location of Job:
Service Category: Commercial
Services Performed: Retail Grocery Store Exterior Painting & Concrete Filling
Brief Explanation

How Large Is This Project?

Painting the exterior of a Wal-Mart's store in Salt Lake City area is a lot of work.

In fact it can be so large and involved that it would take 100s of photos and videos to truly show the scope of work.

What Was The Main Reason For Exterior Repainting?

In case you haven't noticed things get old and need updating.

The main reason for painting / repainting commercial stores is to help dampen the store exterior's blinding reflective white light.

Especially when taking into account SLC's often sunny, bright and cloudless days, it's clear to see why this store had been long overdue for a color palette update.

Even while taking a picture, so much sunlight can directly bounce and reflect off of the building that the exposure level in some of our before photos look completely washed out due to such hight white light exposure levels.

Walking up to a store in such sunlight, especially during high noon, was like staring directly into an expansive wall of blinding white LED light.

Thankfully, for the most part, the front face of a store is in fairly good condition besides this unfortunate choice in color grading.

No matter how large or standard your painting needs may be, be sure to give us a call today for the best service around when it comes to Store Exterior Painting in Salt Lake City, UT.

Job Details

Location of Job:
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Home Gable Painting
Brief Explanation

What Areas Can Be Painted On Garage Doors?

With a garage painting project painting gable and more is possible.

This may sound like a confusing term at first, but nearly every house in American has this area somewhere on it.

What Exactly Is The Gable Area Of A Home?

Gable is often triangular in shape and is the portion of a wall which helps to connect and enclose the edges of intersecting roof edges.

An example of this can be seen in the picture to the immediate right >>>>>>>>>>>>.

The area within the red oval is the gable for this specific customer's house.

It's quite fascinating at times to think about even the simplest portions of our homes and beyond all tend to have a specific name or term to describe them.

As a whole, painting projects can be fairly straightforward and produce stupendous results which customers regularly find to be absolutely outstanding.

That's likely because we're great painters and Garage Painting Services in Salt Lake City, UT.

Recent Reviews

Date: May 16, 2019
I give these guys 5 stars because Dave was so patient with me when I needed a painter to paint nearly all of our 4,027 Square Foot home after the builder botched it.

"Guys 5 Stars"

Date: Jul 23, 2019
Nearby Painters was phenomenal to work with. They provided a competitive price for the work we needed and the quality of work they delivered far exceeded my expectations.

"Nearby Painters was phenomenal to work with."

Date: Aug 2, 2019
The painter did a very good job of repainting the door, but the color did not quite meet our expectations. Without hesitating, the painter returned, applied a color that we personally selected and made sure we were satisfied with the results. It showed that Nearby Painters not only does quality work but ensures that their customers are satisfied with the experience.

"I was very pleased"

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1. How Are We Your Painting Experts?


Every one of them has carried our signature of quality painting done right with patience and honesty.

We hold ourselves to the highest painting standards, as do all of our customers who hire us.

2. What Kind Of Painting Do We Work On?


Practically Everything.

- Interior

- Exterior

- Homes

- Apartments

- Commercial

- Residential

- Bathrooms

- Garages

- Kitchens

- Cabinets

And so on. Adds are that if you can name it, we can paint it.

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We offer this great service as a way for you to meet us face-to-face and personally see what we're all about and capable of.

This interaction also allows us to get a better understand as to what your current painting needs are and if you have any other specific wants or desires as well.

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